Orla Wren

Book of the Folded Forest

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A few years ago now, we decided that we wanted Home Normal to evolve into more film work alongside our music releases. It has been a long-held dream in truth, but we needed the right project to pop up before we could take the plunge. Step in, Orla Wren.

The work of Orla Wren caught our ears, eyes, and hearts with his fantastic release on one of our favourite Japanese labels: Flau. The One Two Bird and The Half Horse (flau,2009) was a beautiful album of tender organically produced electronic sounding music. When he wrote to us a couple of years ago now, about releasing his latest opus with us we were thrilled. Over time the project evolved into working with a common collaborator, namely, Urban9. Previously he had worked with us on both Nicolas Bernier releases, as well as Ian Hawgood’s own release ‘Enfants Ruraux’. We also quickly decided that this would be the project to really play with the packaging and presentation, seeing just how far we could go.

The end result is ‘Book of the Folded Forest’. The album is presented in an 8 panel, CD and DVD package, with unique postcards designed by Urban9 himself included in each, as well as featuring 7 films by awarding winning directors. Lumacell, Joey Bania, The New Honeyshade, Tippi Tillvind, Elise Baldwin, and Skinofthetree have produced an astonishing set of films which will only be available in this package.

The music is quite simply, stunning, haunting and beautiful. The tender fragmented vocals softly swooning nakedly over the blanket of subtle melodies underneath. Featuring like-minded artists such as Danny Norbury, Aaron Martin, Paddy Mann, Jessica Constable, Eva Puyuelo (Savath Y Savalas - Warp), Keiron Phelan (Leaf label luminary), Katie English (Isnaj Dui), Lori Scacco, Joanna Joachim, Frederic Oberland, Hinny Pawsey, Barry Leake, Phil White, Heidi Elva, and Cyril Secq, we very much hope you enjoy this beautiful, microscopic, melodic gem.

Orla Wren: Book of the Folded Forest

The Words Under The Wood Orla Wren 6'57''
I Must Live In My Lantern Orla Wren 5'52''
The Wintering Box Orla Wren 5'48''
Willow Bows And Cats Cradles Orla Wren 6'02''
Four Feathers Few Orla Wren 6'48''
Shipwreck Seems Sweet To Me In This Sea Orla Wren 4'25''
The Painting Tree Orla Wren 3'06''
Swallow Tails And The Story Born Orla Wren 5'32''
A Lone Flake Of Sail Orla Wren 5'59''
Things You Cannot Keep Orla Wren 6'12''
Rising Swing Ringing Orla Wren 3'25''
In A Past Life I Was A Woodcarvers Knife Orla Wren 3'26''
Ashes From A Long Fire Orla Wren 5'49''

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