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What should I write about this you don’t already know?!? I mean, two of Germany’s finest posthardcore or whatever bands put out a split. Is it awesome? Of course it is! Each band comes along with four songs and not a single one is not good or better. PTTRNS still amaze me with their fugazish, hyperenergetic, indiesh posthardcore or whatever you want to call it. The guitars are simply great. The rhythm section is one of the grooviest ones in the whole damn biz. And the songs are just good songs. What else could you ask for? Fuck the Lower Eastside. This is Köln! The Falcon Five play fresh and intense Post-Punk, most definitely with influences from bands like Les Savy Fav, with an overwhelming vitality and energy. Almost on the edge of being hectic, but then again keeping it all on rocking and danceable tracks!

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D/P/I Composer Shelter Press
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