Palmbomen II

Memories of Cindy Pt.1

Beats In Space BIS024
  • 12”: One per customer, ltd. to 350 copies
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One per customer

Kai Hugo eulogizes our dear Cindy through new Palmbomen II music and a surreal, neo-noir lens, chronicled over a series of four 12” EPs and public access television transmissions. Crack open a refreshing Apple Shorle™, and direct your remotes to channel BIS to experience an initial offering and explanation.

The first three Palmbomen 12”s, Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 – 3, will be available exclusively on vinyl. Memories of Cindy Pt. 4 will be available exclusively as a “box set” including the first three 12”s. Each set includes a unique, pre-tragedy polaroid portrait of Cindy taken by Kai Hugo. Edition of 350.

Palmbomen II: Memories of Cindy Pt.1

I Feel Everything Palmbomen II
Pure Tibet Palmbomen II
ALOHAnet Palmbomen II
Seventeen Palmbomen II
RTL Unifeeder Palmbomen II
Peter Accepts Death Palmbomen II

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