Panda Bear


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Recorded at his studio in Lisbon, Tomboy sees the Animal Collective member Noah Lennox stepping away from the sample-based parameters of his previous record and incorporating more guitar and synthesiser. Still prevalent though, is the interest in texture that made Person Pitch such a dense record; crashing waves and cheering crowds bounce against the gurgling arpeggios and give the tracks an immense sense of space. Soaked in reverb and punctuated with inflections of delay, the album’s drums reveal a dub influence which gives them a visceral punch that lingers after each hit. Lennox’s lofty, self-harmonising vocals smooth out the songs, and Sonic Boom’s mixing gives the work a large dynamic range.

Panda Bear: Tomboy

You Can Count On Me Panda Bear 2'32''
Tomboy Panda Bear 4'55''
Slow Motion Panda Bear 4'36''
Last Night At The Jetty Panda Bear 4'37''
Drone Panda Bear 3'57''
Alsatian Darn Panda Bear 4'16''
Sheherezade Panda Bear 3'52''
Friendship Bracelet Panda Bear 5'54''
Afterburner Panda Bear 6'49''
Benfica Panda Bear 4'11''

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