Revisions of the Past

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Panopticon is the post black metal project of Austin Lunn. Much like the title implies, Revisions of the Past is Lunn's way of righting things he did long before he had the knowledge and skills he has now. The album is a rework of two previous Panopticon albums, On The Subject of Mortality and Social Disservices, Lunn felt he didn't do justice to at the time of the original recordings due to lack of equipment and knowledge. Now, with the help of Spenser Morris and Colin Marston, Lunn and his listeners can now hear these albums the way he envisioned and intended for them to be heard.

“Lunn considers these to be the definitive versions of Mortality and Disservices, and there’s no reason to doubt him, as both are faithful to the originals and heightens their respective strong points. It’s not best taken at once, as both of the records are vastly different. Panopticon diehards would get something out of the new Mortality; Disservices is a much more broadly appealing record, one that shows that black metal can be used to teach compassion.” - Pitchfork

Panopticon: Revisions of the Past

Living In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Panopticon
Living Eulogy Panopticon
To Make An Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God Panopticon
A Message To The Missionary Panopticon
...Seeing... Panopticon
Watching You Panopticon
Resident Panopticon
Client Panopticon
Subject Panopticon
Patient Panopticon

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