Papa M

Highway Songs

Drag City DC671LP
  • LP: Die-Cut Artwork
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Papa M aka David Pajo (aka that guy from Slint) is back with new album, recorded all by himself. David Pajo’s been writing lines on the guitar since he was a bitty little kid. It sustained him through a lot of groups, like Maurice, Slint, Aerial M, Tortoise, The For Carnation, Dead Child- an a s Papa M.. The instrumental sounds he’s made in the name of these names — on albums with names like Live From a Shark Cage and “Whatever, Mortal”— implied danger, violence and total alienation, alongside a peaceful, easy, good-willin’ and wide streak of broke-toothed black humor. With a humble combination of sources, Papa M has traditionally traced his music from aboriginal blues all the way through the rock and on into 21st century classical (wait for it), exploring moments via an audio-diary verite.

Papa M: Highway Songs

Flatliners Papa M
The Love Practice Papa M
Adore, A Jar Papa M
Coda Papa M
Walking On Coronado Papa M
Green Holler Papa M
Bloom Papa M
Little Girl Papa M

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