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Repress of this fast sold out 2LP. This edition is limited to a run of 500 2LPs. This time the artwork by Jake Blanchard has been saturated heavily and is a real joy to behold.

Effigy is the first album recorded since 2007 by the acoustic-only droners PELT. Recorded live in June 2011 in an old yoga studio in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin and a decommissioned synagogue called the Gates of Heaven in nearby Madison, the band have laid down their most accomplished and fully realised work to date. Epic in every sense of the word, Effigy is a sprawling journey through their singular plan on the musical map. Layer upon layer of droning strings melt over never-ending harmoniums which threaten to engulf you whilst peals of gongs ring out to mesmerising effect. Effigy sees Pelt reaching their blissful sonic enlightenment.

Effigy is a testament to the ancient animal shaped mounds called ‘effigy mounds’ which dot the landscape in and around Madison, Wisconsin. No one has yet managed to work out who built these creations. Over the centuries they have greatly reduced in size but still the largest can measure up to 400ft in length, and the outlines of birds, lizards, deers and bears are all clearly visible to the observer. Soil would have been carried from afar to construct these huge monuments with only crude implements to hand. The erection of the monuments would have surely have to have been carried out by practically an army of workers or inhabitants and taken a very long time to build indeed.

“What separates Pelt … is the willful sonic escalation from monk chant and Appalachian bowed sitar to Blue Ridge mountain grinding ear-death. … They’ve not become giants; they’ve become the mountain.” The Washington Post

Pelt: Effigy

Of Jack's Darbari Pelt 7'17''
Wings of Dirt Pelt 8'29''
Spikes & Ties Pelt 6'04''
Last Toast Before Capsizing Pelt 11'04''
Ashes of a Photograph Pelt 22'24''
From The Lakebed Pelt 13'10''
The Doctor's Nightcap Pelt 2'36''

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