New Lines

Peak Oil Peak 07
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Since his self-titled LP debuting on Peak Oil in 2012, M. Geddes Gengras has amassed a following for his distinctive take on synthesis, with releases on Umor Rex, Leaving and Opal Tapes. “New Lines” is his anticipated homecoming to Peak Oil.

“New Lines” sees Gengras delve deeper into the copper plated, arpeggio spewing nooks and crannies of his prodigious modular synthesizers, dragging them across vast expanses of infinity oscillations via stops in Detroit techno’s neo-romantic strings (“Bushi”) and Manchester’s early 90s grime-soaked IDM clatter (“Cris Rose”).

When absorbed in its entirety, New Lines is an expansive step forward for Gengras’ futurist sonic explorations.

Personable: New Lines

BUSHI Personable
NEW BOUNCE Personable
CRIS ROSE Personable
NEW LINES Personable
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