Peter Broderick

Music For Falling From Trees

Erased Tapes ERATP015LP
  • LP : Includes Download
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For the first time on Vinyl. Brodericks's music for a dance performance. 'This effect on the listener is the music's greatest achievement. Even without the accompanying dance performance, each phase of this piece articulates a sense of internal struggle and sketches an atmosphere of repression in a sterilised world.' (Drowned In Sound)

Peter Broderick: Music For Falling From Trees

Part 1 An Introduction To The Patient Peter Broderick
Part 2 Patient Observation Peter Broderick
Part 3 Pill Induced Slumber Peter Broderick
Part 4 The Dream Peter Broderick
Part 5 Awaken Panic Restraint Peter Broderick
Part 6 Electroconvulsive Shock Peter Broderick
Part 7 The Path To Recovery Peter Broderick

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