Replicant Moods

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Not Pharaoh - one guy, one MIDI controller - but Pharaohs, plural: a dance band and magical rarity amid the lorn ’Lesis landscape of solo producers and desktop DJs.

Bunkered between an arrangement of stackable synths, the Pharaohs squad jams workshop-style, an endearing, funky, spirited live-thrive. Replicant Moods is one part airy coastal jazz, that Ibeatha-meets-Madchester baggy style the group melted soles with on their first 12-inch Uhh Uhh, and two parts sci-fi soar into the new age, complete with Philip K. Dick winks, tech-know wonks and sleek Daft Punk-choreographed boogies. A Maria Minerva guest soft spot on the ESG / Weymouth bass bust “Miraculous Feet” lends another sweet shuffle to the clone conga line of Technics tracks.

Replicant Moods is sensual - like a slinky Shakira-bot booty shake - and also considered, a nuanced composition slowly evolving into a compelling layer dip of star-stretching get-down.

Pharaohs: Replicant Moods

Miraculous Feet Pharaohs 1'30''
Again Pharaohs 1'30''
Everything Pharaohs 1'30''
Replicant Moods Pharaohs 1'30''
Above-Below Pharaohs 1'30''
Beyond Within Pharaohs 1'04''
F & M Suite Pharaohs 1'30''
Syzygy Pharaohs 1'30''

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