Pierre Schaeffer

Le Trièdre fertile

Recollection GRM REGRM 001
  • LP : Embossed Cover Artwork
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Le Trièdre Fertile full version 1975-1976, with the participation of Bernard Dürr.
This trihedron, Schaeffer's last piece, echoes the physicists "reference trihedron" linked to the three fundamental measurements of sound: frequency, duration and intensity. The basic signs of traditional sol-fa that enable to transcribe pitches, rhythms and nuances also correspond to these three measurements. However, it is precisely outside or beyond these parameters that, all through his life, Schaeffer researched music. Hence, qualifying this trihedron as fertile, is the confession "of a late repentance"
On the other hand, and against all odds, this piece was only composed from synthetic sounds, developed by Bernard Dürr. It is Pierre Schaeffer's only purely electronic music work. Here, the synthesizer is rather monitored by sensitivity than by computation principles, thus letting uncanny structures emerge.

Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, March 2012
Layout: Stephen O'Malley
Translations: Valérie Vivancos
Coordination GRM: Christian Zanési & François Bonnet
Executive Production: Peter Rehberg

Pierre Schaeffer: Le Trièdre fertile

Plutôt Dynamique (Étude Banale) Pierre Schaeffer 3'32''
Plutôt Harmonique Pierre Schaeffer 4'29''
Plutôt Mélodique Pierre Schaeffer 6'52''
Moins Banal (Interlude, Ou Impromptu) Pierre Schaeffer 3'37''
Toccata et Fugue Pierre Schaeffer 3'52''
Baroque (Second Interlude) Pierre Schaeffer 4'56''
Strette Pierre Schaeffer 8'04''

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