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Manhattan filmmaker-turned-beatbroker Francis Hsueh, a.k.a. Policy, has unfolded a skewed yet chic house blueprint across the last three years - as evinced via a trio of EPs for rarefied dancefloor wholesalers such as Rush Hour and Argot - yet his latest may be his most assured and distilled to date.

Postscript plays street dice with choppy electronics and stripped-back groove architectures, maxed out but close to the chest, splashed with off-grid percussive patterns and fractured jazz textures. Policy’s policy of artisanal layering has never been more elegantly executed; metropolis gems like “Postscript 187,” “Ghost in the Groove” and “Big Beast Anthem” swing and stutter, brisk and bouncy, graffitied with smoke-lounge keys, soft pad dub-stabs, synth-flute streaks, burnished brass, city grit.

A uniquely contemplative take on funky uptown house by one of NYC’s rising talents, Postscript comes in an edition of 450 vinyl-only copies.

Policy: Postscript

Postscript 187 Policy
Grove Street Freeze Policy
Remembrance Policy
Ghost In The Groove Policy
Wiseblood Policy
Big Beast Anthem Policy

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