White Album

Italic ITA067 CD
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POPNONAME is already considered to be the JACK KEROUAC of the new sound of Cologne. And you´d better listen to his new album to know why... CLUBBINGSPAIN/ SPAIN
"Light, airy and very handsome music that´s extremely easy to love..." NEW FRIENDS ELECTRIC / SWEDEN
"If you prefer your electronic music like a 1000-thread down comforter, then POPNONAME... could change your life..." STYLUS MAGAZINE / USA
"Pop music has never sounded quite as uneasy as it does here..." THE WIRE / UK
"NO DOUBT starts as a techno ballad with BERNHARD SUMNER / NEW ORDER lik vocals and ends up being one of the most euphoric rave hymns at the moment. You will never forget this extremly catchy, stuttering hookline. A real hit!" GROOVE / GERMANY
"... JASMINSTRAUCH is the most enigmatic of the tracks. Slow, fluttering beats fade in and out as chimes and melodies hover, alert and progressively insistent. The percussive patterns thicken and link with the growing ambient weight just as it breaks free from beneath." RESIDENT ADVISOR / UK

Popnoname: White Album

No Doubt (Album Version) Popnoname 7'26''
Tremolo (Original Version) Popnoname 6'50''
Still (Original Version) Popnoname 4'38''
Light (Original Version) Popnoname 4'13''
Ferry Sponge (Album Version) Popnoname 7'56''
Human One (Original Version) Popnoname 6'11''
Kapital (Original Version) Popnoname 6'01''
Jasminstrauch (Album Version) Popnoname 5'15''
Mother Earth (Original Version) Popnoname 4'55''
Taken (Original Version) Popnoname 2'58''

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