Prefuse 73

Every Color of Darkness

Temporary Residence TRR255LP
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Third drop in as many months from Prefuse 73 on Temporary Residence, more perfectly rounded beat based electronica. As the patchwork nature of Wasted - the intro track - suggests, there is a wealth of influences and soundscapes circulating around in the cosmos of this LP and the finished product is a jumbled but refined whole. The Warp mainstay toys with polished pad melodies on cuts like Night Of Light then rolls out chewy bass-led numbers Squares Of The City. Like most of 73's best work, this LP centres around a hypnotic process of deconstructing and reassembling beats.

Prefuse 73: Every Color of Darkness

Wasted (Intro) Prefuse 73
Search the Sky Prefuse 73
Night of Light Prefuse 73
The Contour of Every Pitch Prefuse 73
Prime Meridian Narcissism Prefuse 73
The High Beams of Modern Survival Prefuse 73
Squares of the City Prefuse 73
Skin (Outro) Prefuse 73

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