Night School LSSN025
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Prostitutes flexes a whole new set of muscles here. Sticking to an all-analogue machine based strategy, Donadio has warped and stripped his palette to create a juddering force across 5 tracks and 28 minutes. With previous work on 'Spectrum Spools', Prostitutes has deconstructed Techno forms and re-invigorated 4/4 structures to delirious, often psychedelic effect. Nouveauree can be viewed as a purge, a palette cleanser, a slab re-formed white-noise, bass-heavy kick drums and searing, improbable sampling; each sound and bar is perfectly placed for maximum stereo-field contamination.

Prostitutes: Nouveauree

Late To Take It Light Prostitutes
Hate's In The City Prostitutes
Punk In The Street Prostitutes
Dragged It Home To Bed Prostitutes
So Goddamn Gaunt Prostitutes

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