Psychic TV

Allegory & Self

Sacred Bones Records SBR3020LP
  • LP (color): White vinyl, ltd. to 1500
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Beginning in 1982, the conceptual audiovisual troupe labeled Psychic TV set out on a multimedia journey filled with subversion, liberation and rebellion. While the members? previous works took root in the counterculture zeitgeist of late '70s UK punk and conceptual art, it was no longer a question of how to rebel against authority, but rather how to carefully subvert it through collective infiltration. Parallel to Psychic TV, its members formed the anti-cult faction Thee Temple of Psychick Youth, further propagating the Psychic TV message and vision.

While the ensuing years saw Psychic TV?s major label infection and record breaking live album release binge, it wasn?t until 1988 that the band started to ready itself for a chart-friendly pop endeavor in the form of Allegory & Self. This would be the band?s most notable and successful endeavor but tragically, it would be the final songwriting collaboration between P-Orridge and Fergusson. Allegory & Self was a perfect storm of catchy pop melody along with subversive counter-culture reference and occult leanings, packaged in a perfect bundle of underground hits.

Psychic TV: Allegory & Self

Godstar Psychic TV
Just Like Arcadia Psychic TV
Southern Comfort Psychic TV
We Kiss Psychic TV
She Was Surprised Psychic TV
Caresse Song Psychic TV
Starlit Mire Psychic TV
Thee Dweller Psychic TV
Being Lost Psychic TV
Babyas Gone Away Psychic TV
Ballet Disco Psychic TV

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