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MIKE POLIZZE, recording as PURLING HISS, has a fuzz-glazed output full of poppy pearls. On the Something EP, Polizze returns to the original Purling Hiss approach, a vibe harking back to Lounge Lizards and Public Service Announcement. He has collected here four self-recorded tracks made at his home in Philadelphia on which he tackles all instrumentation, giving you a brief peek inside the power pop process. Three tracks along with a bonus cut on the download.

Purling Hiss: Something EP

My My My Purling Hiss
Funny Hunny Purling Hiss
Fumble Tumble Purling Hiss
AGF / Delay Explode AGF Producktion
CD: 10,49 € 13,99 €
incl. instant DL
King of the Mountains Zoetrope Melodic
LP: 11,24 € 14,99 €
CD: 7,00 € 13,99 €
ISAN Greencracked / Catgot A Number Of Small Things
7”: 3,74 € 4,99 €
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CAO Marginal Virgin Opal Tapes
MC: 7,49 € 9,99 €
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Hintermass The Apple Tree Ghost Box
LP: 10,50 € 20,99 €
CD: 11,99 € 15,99 €