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Pye Corner Audio emerges from the winter darkness with his latest collection of creeping beats & woozy pulses for the haunted disco.

‘After Dark’ is instant night, acid-tinged and full of promise. ‘She Hunts At Night’ glides majestically over agitated pulses and ‘Something Happened’ creeps inexorably towards you. The nocturnal quest continues with ‘Before Dawn’, bleary-eyed and heart beating fast. ’Prowler’ ratchets up the tension with insomniac propulsion. ‘Decade Counter’ echoes in the abandoned city at dawn and finally ‘Morning’ stumbles into the light, bloodied but safe. Until the night begins once more...

Pye Corner Audio: Prowler

After Dark Pye Corner Audio
She Hunts at Night Pye Corner Audio
Something Happened Pye Corner Audio
Before Dawn Pye Corner Audio
Prowler Pye Corner Audio
Decade Counter Pye Corner Audio
Morning Pye Corner Audio

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