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PHIU is sample chopping at its best with killer rhymes and some ultra heavy basslines, strong beats and all that crazyness: it’s an anything-goes-dance-album like a hilarious but clever skit (just listen closely to the German-English-crossover-Rap of the opener ‘Bratwurst’)!!!Its QU for Quatsch (balderdash) - I for Eisbein (hamhock) - O for Otto-Motor
QUIO, MC and singer coming out of Berlins buzzing club scene , has finished her second Album with Electronic Producer AGF!
She is one of the few fe-MCs in Germany, who drop their rhymes over Drum´n´Bass, Garage and Dubstep, but with “PHIU” she continues to follow her own path already highly acclaimed by the audience and critics for her first album “LIKE OOOH!” in 2005.
Don´t be greedy, when you need me, buy my CD, press play!
On “PHIU”, the versatile vocalist shows once again how multi-faceted her styles can be. From the angry rapper to the delicate singer, from the light-hearted MC to the serious speaking artist. Be assured, with QUIOs vibrating mixture of HipHop, Club, Electronica and Pop you will never get bored!
She plunges readily in and out of her collected adulthood influences: from Ol Dirty Bastard over the Beastie Boys to Tanya Stevens, Lady Saw and Sovereign, from The Smiths to Phoenix.
All these are being minced up, recombined and given the unique electronic flavour of QUIOs producer AGF aka ANTYE GREIE, known for her various solo releases and worldwide performances. Their unusual style, already present on the first Album „LIKE OOOH!“, has now been refined on „PHIU“ – strong beats support raps with high impact and deep basslines bring out the tangent fragility of QUIOs vocal lines.
And on „PHIU“ QUIO has also invited some PROMINENT GUESTS
to support her crazy styles:
NICOLETTE, Ex-Shut Up And Dance produced „Billie Holiday on Speed“, pays QUIO the honour with her unique way of singing on „So Loud“!
DARIUS JAMES, Afro-American writer, known for titles like “Thats Blaxploitation!” or “Negrophobia”, discusses with Quio aspects of her “Germanic Self” on “Bratwurst”.
EDU K, Baile Funk star from Brasil, has given QUIO a portugese Rap-Lesson on „Minha Rima“!
AUDIOTAXI, producer duo consisting of DJ G-SERVE and MOKRY, who have been working with QUIO for over ten years doing radioshows on Berlins pirate station Twen FM, DJing and MCing all over Europe! They have written several tracks on “PHIU”.
LISE, sixteen-year-old voice wonder, with her velvety heartbreaking timbre!
AL HACA, bass heavy producer who has worked with the likes of Dancehall Legend Sizzla, infamous producer Stereotyp and The Tape-Rapper RQM!

Quio: Phiu

Bratwurst Quio 3'38''
Grow Together Quio 3'34''
So Loud Quio 3'46''
Rising Tide Quio 3'29''
I Jump Quio 3'42''
Me Mucker Quio 4'49''
Minha Rima Quio 3'26''
Come Closer Quio 3'31''
Mole Quio 3'57''
Shellshocked Quio 4'01''
Better Mood Quio 4'33''
Chillaine Quio 9'45''