R.S. Pearson

Reality From Childhood Remembered as a Dream

Serendip.Lab SERLP006
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Robert Scott Pearson's music can be viewed as surrealist, impressionist, post-industrial, mystical or avant-garde, but it goes beyond categories. His work embraces software, philosophy, poetry, visual arts, and generative algorithmic creation in general. At an early age, he began to experiment in this field, releasing his first music privately on cassette, and he was part of the undergound industrial scene in Seattle. Post-industrial but not really nihilistic, he continues nowadays to produce his beautifull music which has anticipated for more than 30 years IDM or modern ambiant for example. This first issue on vinyl and first official release of this discreet but brillant composer is truly a big joy.

R.S. Pearson: Reality From Childhood Remembered as a Dream

Agreeable Fruits of Discipline R.S. Pearson 1'40''
Dinosaurs in Water R.S. Pearson 3'06''
Early 1960's Television R.S. Pearson 46''
General Child R.S. Pearson 2'44''
Addition Boat R.S. Pearson 2'35''
Sleeping R.S. Pearson 2'04''
Mystic Nocturnal Orinthology R.S. Pearson 3'29''
Ode to Ages 25-35 R.S. Pearson 2'17''
Essence Deposit Future Tense R.S. Pearson 1'35''
The Speed of Emotion R.S. Pearson
Reality From Childhood Remembered as a Dream R.S. Pearson
Cri du Chat R.S. Pearson
Stress Going Down the Drain R.S. Pearson
Water Jets of Ancient Disney R.S. Pearson 1'43''
Copter Scam R.S. Pearson 1'49''
The Past's Presents for the Future R.S. Pearson 2'13''
Someone Needs to Say They're Sorry R.S. Pearson 2'28''

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