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Houston's Rabit is mostly associated witz the new school of Grime ? but his music is beyond genres. He's part of the Janus Crew - so you can guess what to expect: Powdered beats, seriously damaged atmospheres, some quirky kitsch, massive drum rolls. Is this abstraction? Or deconstruction? Or rather a new kind of electronic music? If you're hearing this - and you can feel it as well - you'll notice: this is not just about fucking with your brain. This really has a heart, too.

Rabit: Communion

Advent Rabit
Snow Leopard Rabit
Fetal Rabit
Artemis Rabit
Ox Rabit
Flesh Covers The Bone Rabit
Pandemic Rabit
Burnerz Rabit
Glass Harp Interlude Rabit
Black Gates Rabit
Trapped In This Body Rabit

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