On Dark Silent Off

Thrill Jockey Thrill 424-CD
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Vienna’s leading experimental outfit Radian is the trio of Martin Brandlmayr (drums, electronics), John Norman (bass), and Martin Siewert (guitars, electronics), who have been influenced by and shaped the city’s vivid scene of electronica in the early 2000s. Vienna is currently a wide open creative home to many new music composers and innovators. Today, the members of Radian are pillars of that community.

On Dark Silent Off features guest performances by acclaimed saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and marks the first Radian album since guitarist Martin Siewert joined. The album has been in the making since the early 2010s, with each piece being meticulously crafted and re-constructed over time. Debut track “Scary Objects” began its life as a live score to a Ben Russell film as part of his Trypps series, and features Radian’s signature blend of dynamic, percussive grooves with nontraditional instrument timbres.

Radian: On Dark Silent Off

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