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This is the 2nd edition of Reverie, pressed on high quality BLACK virgin vinyl at RTI limited to 450 copies for the world. Included is a free MP3 download coupon.
Immune is proud to announce the release of Reverie, a brand new mini-LP release from Seattle based Rafael Anton Irisarri. These are the first new recordings from Irisarri since the Hopes and Past Desires 7” EP released in early 2009.
Reverie features two brand new compositions, “Lit A Dawn” and “Embraced” on Side A and an amazing side-long interpretation of the Arvo Pärt classic “Für Alina” on Side B. Irisarri has long been a student and listener of Arvo Pärt’s approach to composition and has always been profoundly inspired by Part’s tintinnabuli style. While working on a special “Day of the Dead” performance last year for the Seattle Art Museum Irisarri decided to perform some Arvo Pärt pieces with pianist Kelly Wise. While Wise performed “Fur Alina” on piano, Irisarri took some liberties with the piece and added new arrangements for drone guitar and electronics. The performance inspired Irisarri to return to his home studio and create new compositions to accompany the “Für Alina” piece. Reverie features piano, drone, electronics, and bowed/treated guitar. Irisarri began experimenting with guitar bowing techniques on the Hopes and Past Desires release and continues the approach here.
Irisarri will follow the release of Reverie with other releases on Miasmah and Room40. He also continues work on his Ghostly International project The Sight Below and has recently recorded with Goldmund for an upcoming release of Erik Satie pieces.

Rafael Anton Irisarri: Reverie

Lit A Dawn Rafael Anton Irisarri 5'10''
Embraced Rafael Anton Irisarri 4'14''

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