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'Libanon' is music composed for the film "Maître, lihseb please" by Michael Shamberg, composed and performed by Rayon aka Markus Acher, with the help of Sebastian Hess on cello, a computer, a harmonium and a few libanese records .The music was also heavily inspired by the work of fotographer Fouad Elkoury (one of his photographs of Beirut is on the cover) and writer Etel Adnan.

Rayon: Libanon

Libanon 1 Rayon 1'31''
Libanon 2 Rayon 1'03''
Libanon 3 Rayon 1'40''
Libanon 4 Rayon 2'54''
Libanon 5 Rayon 2'58''
Libanon 6 Rayon 2'17''
Libanon 7 Rayon 1'43''

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