Ricardo Donoso

One Verse Sharpens Another (EP 2)

Digitalis Recordings DIGIV062
  • EP: Ltd. to 500 copies, Initial copies on fluoro yellow vinyl
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Ricardo Donoso completes his latest trance mission for Digitalis with ‘One Verse Sharpens Another’.
Four tracks of serpentine arpeggios, rolling bass pulses and stealthy, soaring synth chords simulate cybersex in anti-G, from the X-Files atmospheres and alien seduction of ‘The Redeemer’, to the piloerect triggers and tense pizzicato strings of ‘Open Drawer, Full Of Masks’ on the A-side and over to the sublime, supple bass roll and gentle ambient caress of ‘Child Primitive’ or the mind- weaving Belgian trance bliss of ‘Master Game (Shape To Come)’ astral planing across the B-side.
There’s a purity of intent and execution at play here which safely places ‘One Verse Sharpens Another’ beyond irony, acting just like the original sound as an escape pod for spirits looking to break orbit.

Ricardo Donoso: One Verse Sharpens Another (EP 2)

The Redeemer Ricardo Donoso
Open Drawer Full Of Masks Ricardo Donoso
The Child Primitive Ricardo Donoso
The Master Game Ricardo Donoso

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