Ricardo Donoso

Saravá Exu Remixes

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In January 2015 ‘Saravá Exu’ was released - Ricardo Donoso’s most demanding album filled with arcane musings and rich cinematic majesty highly lauded by international press for its high degree of sophistication. Now, a year later we present ‘Sarava Exu Remixes’ – a collection of reinterpretations’ by some of the most talented musicians working in contemporary electronic music today.

Industrial techno luminaries Orphx take the reins on leading single “Vesperum” and turn its bombastic ‘Zimmeresque’ landscape into a pummeling piece of broken techno in a way only Christina & Rich know how, despite the current swarm of dilettante’s trying to emulate their sound. John Flynn’s Spaces, responsible for production duties on Björk’s Vulnicura album closer ‘Quicksand’ mangles and lacerates album central point ‘Gallicinium’ to near indistinguishable form with huge nods to early era Warp. Archie Pelago breaks down ‘Matutinum’s dark core and provide a beautiful arrangement for strings & horns including some dramatic accompaniment for the tracks main 11/8 ostinato. Dark ambient pioneer, and label mate, Thomas Köner ends the proceedings with a mind-blowing interpretation of ‘Diluculum’;

‘Sarava Exu’s complex and multi-dimensional closing number into a sophisticated piece of sub glacial tones & atmosphere, focusing instead on the inner side and calm characteristics of a fairly violent tune, recalling his early work for Barooni in the early nineties. A new window into the universe of ‘Sarava Exu’ by some of the most compelling electronic musicians working today.

Ricardo Donoso: Saravá Exu Remixes

Vesperum (Orphx Remix) Ricardo Donoso
Gallicinium (Spaces Remix) Ricardo Donoso
Matutinum (Archie Pelago Remix) Ricardo Donoso
Diluculum (Thomas Köner Remix) Ricardo Donoso

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