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Just Another Beat welcomes the enigmatic Berlin-based artist Rising Sun to its slowly but steady growing camp of artists.

Over the course of his more recent releases, Rising Sun has been focusing more and more on one his biggest musical love affairs: breakbeats. „Lament“ might very well be the best and most gripping result of this excursion yet. Driven by the iconic Amen Break, Rising Sun adds his trademark chords and melodies to the mix, turning „Lament“ into a moody, yet euphoric anthem.

Long-time friend of both Rising Sun and Just Another Beat Sven Weisemann, carefully deconstructs the sheer energy of the original tune and rebuilds it from the ground up, adding subtle hints of house music’s heritage, combined with his constant strive for lush orchestration.

Rising Sun: Lament EP

Lament Rising Sun 6'24''
Lament (Sven's Bird's Lament Mix) Rising Sun 9'35''

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