Robert Lippok

Open Close Open

Flau FRAUM 05
  • EP : Ltd. clear vinyl in PVC sheet
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Originally released as CDEP via Raster-Noton in 2001 - but it's never too late fo the first vinyl issue of Robert Lippok's beautiful 'Open Close Open EP', where delicate percussion meets light drones, where field recordings and minidisc-noises are accompanied by a loop, sampled from the Adagieto of Gustav Mahler's 5th symphony ('Close'). Sampling Gustav Mahler might be a sure shot, but the sublime never gets old, right? Released through Japan's Flau / Raum in a limited run - be sure: stock won't last too long.

Robert Lippok: Open Close Open

Open Robert Lippok
Close Robert Lippok
Open Robert Lippok
Plus Robert Lippok

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