Russell Haswell

As Sure As Night Follows Day Remixes

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Diagonal pull a blinder with remixes of Russell Haswell by Autechre, DJ Stingray and Powell capping a golden year for the label - recently rated highly in Fact Magazine’s labels-of-the-year 2015 list.

Juicing Haswell’s dancefloor-generous album As Sure As Night Follows Day, the stellar cast of time-served usurpers and outsiders flip his n0!sy muzzle in their own image with deadly results.

Autechre’s Conformity Version of Heavy Handed Sunset effectively dubs Russell into submission by way of water-boarding smothers and accentuated pressure points - precisely choking, kneading, kicking and distending the original like its some sorta Stretch Armstrong plaything.

Not to be outshone, Powell pays dues to his mentor with a cork-popping COV Megamix ov Hardwax Flashback littered with samples of Russell doing Russell for RBMA, making for his most DJ-tempered tools to date, whilst DJ Stingray puts a lid on it with hollow-skulled clank and darkside descent of Gas Attack in a grimacing Atropine Mix.

Russell Haswell: As Sure As Night Follows Day Remixes

Heavy Handed Sunset (Autechre 'Conformity Version') Russell Haswell
Hardwax Flashback (Powell 'Cov Megamix') Russell Haswell
Gas Attack (DJ Stingray 'Atropine Mix') Russell Haswell

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