Green Language

Warp Records WARPCD253
  • 2LP : Includes Download, Printed innerseleeves
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Rustie's 2011 album Glass Swords was a release that took inspiration from video games, grime, Japanese prog-rock, Detroit techno and much more to create a warm and thrilling sugar-rush of an album. Green Language is equally seismic. A long-player with birdsong at the heart of its inspiration, it sees him returning on Warp Records with more glistening vistas and adrenaline-charged electronics. Featuring collaborations with Danny Brown, Redinho, D Double E and Gorgeous Children, it's yet another unbeatable full-length from the producer.

Rustie: Green Language

Workship Rustie
A Glimpse Rustie
Raptor Rustie
Paradise Stone Rustie
Up Down (feat. D Double E) Rustie
Attak (feat. Danny Brown) Rustie
Tempest Rustie
He Hate Me (feat. Gorgeous Children) Rustie
Velcro Rustie
Lost (feat. Redinho) Rustie
Dream On Rustie
Lets Spiral Rustie
Green Language Rustie

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