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Folklore Tapes archival series reaches a peak in the labels rich discography with this full vinyl issue of DFTIII, a split album of musical research by Sam McLoughlin & David A Jaycock. Based around the water lore within Devon, Sam McLoughlin's 10" revisits his work for Finders Keepers as Supernatural Lancashire and his pre-certification misty hillside ambience surrounding the N.Racker project with tracks ranging from glacial frosty folk to more aquatic deep swells and drones. David A Jaycock's 10" explores the rich history of ghostly sightings around lakes within wood's and musically treads a similar path with found sounds and field recordings swimming into ear shot against a backdrop of submerged synth's and sheets of ghostly mist. Sounding somewhere between Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and The Mothmen, Inland Water is another wonderful viewpoint into this fascinating label dedicated to unearthing the rich tapestry of British folklore.

Sam Mcloughlin / David A Jaycock: Inland Water

Sam Mcloughlin - Crazywell Pool A Sam Mcloughlin / David A Jaycock 16'08''
Sam Mcloughlin - Crazywell Pool B Sam Mcloughlin / David A Jaycock 17'24''
David A Jaycock - Three Narratives A Sam Mcloughlin / David A Jaycock 15'38''
David A Jaycock - Three Narratives B Sam Mcloughlin / David A Jaycock 16'58''

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