Sankt Otten

Gottes Synthesizer

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  • 2LP: Gatefold Sleeve
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The German instrumental duo SANKT OTTEN already teamed up for building the first walls of sound in 1999. Since then, they have released 4 albums and several eps together. In 2009, they joined DENOVALI RECORDS to realize their 4th full length MORGEN WIEDER LUSTIG, followed by a SPLIT record with MAJEURE – the solo project of A.E. PATERRA from ZOMBI (Relapse Records) - in 2010.

On the MAJEURE split they for the first time showed a more distinctive interest to the world of 70s and 80s synthesizers. The new album GOTTES SYNTHESIZER continues this voyage into the synth’s heaven. A paradise of warm analogue sounds, sequencer lines and electric drums garnished with the typical soaring guitar drones of OLIVER KLEMM as the central theme of the album.By adding ingredients reminding of the German pioneers of progressive electronic music, SANKT OTTEN are moving the KRAUTROCK elements into a new context.

With FAST NEU IST AUCH GEBRAUCHT the full length includes an hommage to the old KRAUTROCK heroes NEU! just as a ROBERT FRIPP influenced 13 minutes monster piece like the title track GOTTES SYNTHESIZER. Other songs (DIE WELT IST JA NICHT ZUM AUSHALTEN or ICH VERLASSE MICH SELBST) are rather influenced by STEPHAN OTTEN’s energetic electric drums. Mellow epic ambient hymns like WIR SIND DEINE PROPHETEN or DAS ENDE VOM LIED are their great tool to create a connection between specific soundscapes in order to make a coherent album out of the single tracks. The main excellence of this full length is that SANKT OTTEN are combining influences of an old genre with elements of today’s music to a new interesting mixture.

For the artwork of GOTTES SYNTHESIZER the spanish artist SALUSTIANO borrowed SANKT OTTEN some of his significant paintings. The art they’ve chosen together is a perfect e gy of SANKT OTTEN’s sound.

Sankt Otten: Gottes Synthesizer

480 Pixel, Die Ich An Dir Liebe Sankt Otten
Eine Wartet Immer Sankt Otten
Diesseits Vom Jenseits Sankt Otten
Ich Verlasse Mich Selbst Sankt Otten
Fast Neu Ist Auch Gebraucht Sankt Otten
Halleluja, German Angst Sankt Otten
Wir Sind Deine Propheten Sankt Otten
Gottes Synthesizer Sankt Otten
Der Schatten Kann Trueggen Sankt Otten
Die Welt Ist Ja Nicht Zum Aushalten Sankt Otten
Sternstunden Der Resignation Sankt Otten
Thom Yorkes Letzte Grosse Liebe Sankt Otten
Das Ende Vom Lied Sankt Otten

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