Known Flood

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The Flenser present a vinyl reissue of Sannhet’s long-out-of-print debut album, Known Flood. Originally released on Sacrament in 2013, this album set the tone for the band’s signature blend of instrumental transcendent black metal and post-metal. Sannhet is the brainchild of instrumentalists John Refano, AJ Annunziata, and Christopher Todd. Formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York, the band built a strong local following with this release. They expanded their sound with 2015’s Revisionist (Flenser) and 2017’s well received full-length So Numb (Profound Lore).

“Brooklyn trio Sannhet is an instrumental powerhouse.” —Pitchfork

“Sannhet sounds like transmissions from the last comm outpost at the end of the world.” —Noisey

Sannhet: Known Flood

Absecon Isle Sannhet
Safe Passage Sannhet
Invisible Wounds Sannhet
Endless Walls Sannhet
Moral Sannhet
Slow Ruin Sannhet
Haunches Sannhet
Still Breathing Sannhet
Flatlands Sannhet

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