Young Death

Hospital Productions HOS-457LP
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Corking compilation of hard to find and unreleased material by Brooklyn-based metal group Sannhet - all appearing on vinyl for the first time - who debut on Hospital Productions with the explorative dynamics and wordless but lyrically emotive arrangements of Young Death.

At an edgeland juncture of post-rock, noise and metal, theirs might not be a sound that these ears are overly familiar with, but we can tell a great record when we hear one, and this is one of the strongest of its ilk to cross our paths this year.

Rather than an album proper, the band and Hospital Productions have assembled a nine- part series of portraits of Sannhet’s early phase, dating as far back as 2008 and right up to their debut album, Known Flood in 2013.

The A-side banks the escalating, thunderous post-rock/death metal force of their self- released Sannhet EP cassette of 2013, along with a more expansive, unreleased piece from the same session, whilst the B-side holds both parts of the Lion’s Eye EP’s pelting drama, plus two unreleased pieces from 2008, a slowerengima of acousmatiuc samples and juggernaut post-rock surges, and the spirit rubbling noise attrition of Rapid Transit.

If you were feeling last year’s Clay Rendering records, or yearn for a post rock with metal gusto, not sappy cliche or neck-cricking floppy fringes, this is your lot.

Sannhet: Young Death

Haunches Sannhet
Moral Sannhet
Invisible Wounds Sannhet
Boundaries Sannhet
Endless Walls Sannhet
Lions Eye Sannhet
You Thy__ Sannhet
Whittier & Atlantic Sannhet
Rapid Transit Sannhet

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