Saturn And The Sun

Focus on The Centre of Your Skull

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Saturn And The Sun's second album is called "Focus On The Centre Of Your Skull" and is a deep thing zooming in to mess with your mind. Heavy, psychedelic electronic music that draws fuel from 80's industrial stuff as swell as minimal techno and probably some dub too. Extremely limited to 200 copies, this new album by ex-Union Carbide Productions member and sound artist Henrik Rylander and iDEAL label boss Joachim Nordwall. Together they has also served time for more than a decade as slaves of ritual rock band The Skull Defekts.

Saturn And The Sun: Focus on The Centre of Your Skull

Domination Saturn And The Sun
Investigation Of The Current State Of Your Mind Saturn And The Sun
The Central, Sick & Forbidden Saturn And The Sun
Focus On The Centre Of Your Skull Saturn And The Sun

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