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After many years spent as a steadfast and inventive collaborator - not only playing bass and producing four albums with HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER, but in large part forging that band’s sonic signature - multi-instrumentalist, recordist, and audio engineer, SCOTT HIRSCH has finally made a solo album, called Blue Rider Songs. These recordings feature notable, and notably subtle, contributions from JADE HENDRIX (harmony vocals), THOMAS HEYMAN (pedal steel) - Hirsch’s old bandmate from THE COURT AND SPARK; and HGM stalwarts PHIL COOK (organ & harmonica) & MATT DOUGLAS (saxophones), among others. But as a primarily single-artist vision & statement, it does speak to the way that back roads, detours away from or around one’s other, more high-profile creative pursuits, can lead lead to unexpected destinations arguably more compelling than anything the highways could provide.

Received an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork !!!

Scott Hirsch: Blue Rider Songs

Blue Rider Scott Hirsch
Loss Of Forgetfulness Scott Hirsch
Darkness Scott Hirsch
No Wife Scott Hirsch
The Sun Comes Up A Purple Diamond Scott Hirsch
Raga Of The Sea Scott Hirsch
Sundown Highway Scott Hirsch
Elevator Blue Rider Scott Hirsch
Isabella Scott Hirsch
Blue Within Blue Scott Hirsch
We Took Back Roads (Blue Highways) Scott Hirsch

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