Scott Tuma

Not For Nobody

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Not For Nobody is the third solo album from Chicago’s Scott Tuma. Originally released on CD in 2008 by the Digitalis label, Immune is happy to present a first time vinyl edition of this essential work featuring new artwork by Chris Koelle.
Not For Nobody was greeted with critical acclaim upon it’s release in 2008 and was the much needed follow up to Tuma’s solo albums Hard Again (2001, Truckstop) and The River 1 2 3 4 (2003, Truckstop). Since the release of Not For Nobody Tuma has released the collaborative album Taradiddle (2009, Digitalis) with Mike Weis (Zelienople) and his fourth solo album Dandelion (2010, Digitalis).
Tuma is a luminary of the Chicago musical environment from his days as guitarist in pioneering Chicago alt-country band Souled American to his work in the Boxhead Ensemble and Good Stuff House (with Matt Christensen and Mike Weis of Zelienople).

The LP is released in an edition of 600 copies worldwide and pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl at RTI with free MP3 download coupon.
The cassette version is limited to 120 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with pro-printed cassette shell and full color J-card. Also included is a free download coupon.

“Not For Nothing’s a monograph on doing things right; here’s the record where ‘the space between the notes’ is an actual audible reality, rather than some vague, mystifying rhetoric for artists who try to trade off studio silence as atmosphere…It’s the kind of record where the scratch of a fingernail across the guitar’s nut, or the raspy grain of the instrument’s body sliding through Tuma’s hands, speaks more than any lyric formation could; where the nexus of blues, folk and real-world ambience is all about haunting melancholy, as opposed to the drag-ass maudlin boredom of so much Americana.” - Dusted Magazine

Scott Tuma: Not For Nobody

Nobody (River Of Tin) Scott Tuma 5'14''
Fishen Scott Tuma 5'05''
Eloper Scott Tuma 3'25''
Tiktaalik Scott Tuma 3'34''
Newjoy Scott Tuma 3'47''
Cimbal Scott Tuma 1'51''
Jason Scott Tuma 2'04''
Loversrock 1 W_Jason Ajemian Scott Tuma 1'36''
Moccasoclea Scott Tuma 2'14''
Rakes Scott Tuma 6'05''
Heeler Scott Tuma 2'42''
Reprieved Scott Tuma 4'19''

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