Sean Lennon

Ava's Possessions (Music From The Film)

Chimera CHIM033
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A mysterious film score from SEAN LENNON with dreamy washes of echoey drum machines and keyboards with dark and foreboding synth arrangements, twangy guitar riffs with a sci-fi western flair, '50s pop, '70s punk, creepy demonic themes interlaced with a touch raunchy, swaggering horns that recalls old school film noir, with a surprisingly fresh indie rock edge. Features guest spots from KING KHAN, MARY OCHERS, KARLA MOHENO, BISHY and FOLEY STEWARD.

Sean Lennon: Ava's Possessions (Music From The Film)

Demon Daughter Sean Lennon
Blame Beelzabub Sean Lennon
Spirit Possession Anonymous Sean Lennon
Ava's Awake Sean Lennon
Naphula's Theme Sean Lennon
Blood Stain Sonata Sean Lennon
Different Drum Sean Lennon
Abbadon The Annihilator Sean Lennon
Hazel's Waltz Sean Lennon
Demon Dinner Sean Lennon
Lach Mich Tot (Bonus Track) Sean Lennon
Lullaby For Murder (Bonus Track) Sean Lennon

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