Sean McCann

Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings

Root Strata RS97
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Realized over a four year period, Sean McCann’s Ten Impressions for Piano & Springs is a document of transition and maturation. Slow moving cloud forms over corporeal landscapes, these impressions whisper of McCann’s imminent & decisive lean towards classical & avant-garde musics, culminating in 2013’s Music for Private Ensemble on his own imprint, Recital. Less a final statement on ambient music, more a meditation on change, discovery and process.

Sean McCann: Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings

White Stairwell (Prelude) Sean McCann 2'40''
Guardian Sean McCann 4'48''
Charade Sean McCann 3'32''
Iodine Sean McCann 4'11''
Language of Night Sean McCann 5'56''
Choreographer Sean McCann 5'40''
Vacant Passage Sean McCann 4'06''
A Guiding Measure Sean McCann 2'22''
Sylvan Smoke Sean McCann 2'36''
Sense of Life Sean McCann 5'48''

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