Sebastian Plano

Arrhythmical Part of Hearts

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  • LP: thick sleeve, 180 gr. vinyl.
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In his debut album "Arrhythmical Part of Hearts", Plano skillfully meshes the sounds of the cello, piano, bandoneon, percussion, and his own vocals into entirely new soundscapes. Its passionate yet graceful melody paints a cinematic landscape of the world unseen and allures you to be lost in the pleasant waves of divine sounds.
The album is constantly unfolding different sonorities - old and new, everything is as fresh and smooth as the first time it was played. Cello is the main tool utilized on the album, but that is not to say that it in singular in its musical voice; rather, Plano achieves a rich network of sounds that dazzle as they weave in an out of one another.
Already with the first release of "Arrhythmical Part of Hearts", Plano has gained international acclaim, placing him as one of the pioneering artists combining classical and electronic elements. Denovali Records will re-release this debut, with entirely new artwork and worldwide distribution, along with the release of Plano's new album "Impetus" in September 2013. The release will be followed by an extensive tour throughout Europe. Recently, Sebastian has undertaken a collaboration with ex Kronos Quartet's cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, who takes part in his forthcoming EP album called "Novel".
Sebastian Plano's music has been considered along the sounds of Ólafur Arnalds, Sigur Rós, Arvo Pärt, Nils Frahm or Max Richter.

Sebastian Plano: Arrhythmical Part of Hearts

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