Second Storey

Lucid Locations

Houndstooth HTH078
  • 2LP: 180g vinyl, one yellow and one black
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Second Storey returns to Houndstooth with a sublime presentation of bass driven, meticulously crafted tracks that again deftly display a balancing act between the delicate and the riotous. What is on offer on Second Storey's new album is an array of concise forward thinking dance music not limited by genre and driven by Alec Storey the drummer/producer - someone you can easily come to know through his engaging live shows.

Bass, electro, techno, ambient, psychedelic IDM - the word that best represents this album is spirited. And it is a spirit that adapts survives and soars on these 10 tracks of real substance.

Second Storey: Lucid Locations

Moesha Moved To Margate Second Storey
Manhattan To Moscow Second Storey
Covehithe Second Storey
Offbeat World Second Storey
Ajunlei 8 Second Storey
Acute Angles Second Storey
Wherever You May Be Second Storey
No Such Location Second Storey
Barrel Roll Second Storey
Dartmoor Four Second Storey

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