Selaxon Lutberg

Simboli Accidentali

Denovali Records den183cd
  • LP: heavy cardboard sleeves, 180 gr. vinyl.
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SELAXON LUTBERG is the ambient project of the secluded Italian artist Andrea Penso. After two albums, a collaboration record with Subinterior and various EPs, 'SIMBOLI ACCIDENTALI' ('Accidental Symbols') constitutes his third full length record and third release on Denovali Records.
As most of his works, the new album is strongly linked to Andrea's biography. Indeed, he states: "In a long video-interview by Donatella Baglivo, the Russian filmmaker Andrej Tarkovsky says that childhood 'is the moment in human life that determines all his future, especially if future will be linked to art, inner life and psychological problems. In other words, childhood feeds all the creativity of the adult period.' Composing this album I tried to focus on accidental symbols mostly born during my childhood, tried to study them not in detail but in their essence. The 'subjective sounds' of this album were born from these thoughts and considerations." To support this motive, the album artwork contains an impressionistic story from Andrea's childhood.
Simboli Accidentali is composed of 8 tracks, which have been recorded at Andrea's home between 2010 and 2012 and mastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare). The typically warm and encasing songs are mostly made with processed and unrecognizable guitars, an old and cheap organ and loops from ruined tapes and vinyls. The resulting sound can be found somewhere in the vast landscape spanned by the ambient/postrock of LABRADFORD and SLOWDIVE's Pygmalion era, the analogue and decayed loops of PHILIP JECK and WILLIAM BASINSKI and the cinematic feelings of STARS OF THE LID and DAVID LYNCH's drones. Time to explore.

Selaxon Lutberg: Simboli Accidentali

Untitled 1 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 2 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 3 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 4 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 5 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 6 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 7 Selaxon Lutberg
Untitled 8 Selaxon Lutberg

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