Selda (1979)

Pharaway Sounds PHS018CD
  • LP: Heavy Gatefold Cover, insert with liner notes.
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Imagine if Julia Child had marched against Vietnam, stood on the steps of the Pentagon & placed a flower in a gun barrel. SELDA’s later records have that same cross of easygoing motherly warmth & righteous anger. This 1979 album (technically her fourth, although 6 of these songs were also released on her third), was recorded when Turkey was at its most politically polarized. Selda was sentenced to a total of over 500 years in prison right about the time it came out. A pile of acoustic guitars & bag?lamas all going off at once under a blanket of reverb, with lyrics about blood, wood, mountains, families, and desperate troubles, so it's a thick squirt for a folk album. Selda's voice can either be sultry or really surge with emotion, and when she does belt one, it's oddly high & completely unique. Her reward was the love of Turkey's people, but also nine trials and three prison terms from the right wing military government of the 1980s. Remastered sound, insert / booklet with liner notes.

Selda: Selda (1979)

Galdi Galdi Selda
Almanya Aci Vatan Selda
Yigit Muhtaç Olmus Kuru Sogana Selda
Sorsunlar Beni Selda
Ona Dön Selda
Hele Yar Selda
Ayaginda Kundura Selda
Ah Ne Olur Bizim Köyde Selda
Hizir Pasa Selda
Cenderme Selda
Izin Ize Benzemiyor Selda
Kiymayin Efendiler Selda

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