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"C.A.R." follows up to Serengeti's recent collaborative EP with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux as S/S/S, the recent Kenny Dennis EP (received 7.8 on Pitchfork), and 2010's Family & Friends LP produced by WHY?'s Yoni Wolf and Advance Base (aka Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) which received praise from SPIN, Rolling Stone, et al. Vinyl pressing includes Download coupon!

It happened in Berkeley. There was a beat. Then there were rhymes. Then cuts. Three dudes came together to do what they do best -- lay it down, kill shit, make an album. And that's what C.A.R. is: a record of the work that went down at three points between the dawn of 2009 and the close of 2011 at a place called Burnco, the cottage studio of Anticon aural wizard Odd Nosdam. Chicago rapper Serengeti was in town crashing on Jel's couch (that's it on the cover), and each day he and his beat-making host would grab a cup of joe and hoof it over to Nosdam's.

Two would chill in the backyard while the third did his thing. One would mellow in the backyard while the two did their thing. Three would cool out in the backyard while listening to their thing. Each man a master of his field, they trusted each other to make the songs good, and they are. C.A.R. fits together just right. Eleven tracks, one interlude, twenty-nine and a half minutes. WHY?'s Yoni Wolf co-produces a song. Dee from Thee More Shallows helps out on another. Daddy Kev mastered the thing. Jel rapped once, scratched a ton of wax, and co-produced the beats with Nosdam, who mixed it too. Geti rhymed a bunch. They had fun. They made C.A.R. You can have it.

Serengeti: C.A.R.

Greyhound Serengeti 2'31''
Talk To Me Serengeti 2'42''
Nice Serengeti 2'23''
Amnesia Serengeti 1'44''
Geti Life (w/Yoni Wolf) Serengeti 3'10''
Peekaboo Serengeti 2'37''
Go Dancin Serengeti 4'09''
Cold Serengeti 2'45''
Say What? Serengeti 43''
Chill Serengeti 3'41''
Uncle Traum Serengeti 3'07''

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