Shit & Shine

Very High EP

Diagonal Diagonal 046
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Craig Clouse’s $hit & $hine is an amorphous entity that’s forever in flux, from scuzzed up, bass- heavy and raucous noise sessions to inverted dancefloor shenanigans; this time round serving Diagonal with a 30 min plunderphonic special, curling purple funk, R&B and rap specials to order.

So this is essentially the $hit & $hine edit whitelabel, scorched and blunted 30 min / 3 track madness somewhere between John Oswald and slowed down Secret Mixes & Fixes tackle, bubblin’ computer funk > like Material and Rhianna on a slow spin oozing summer vibes and blurred vision. Here’s what Diagonal label head Powell has to say...

"i always loved craig’s slow jamz from the various lps he’s done over the last few years [anyone remember WHO’S YOUR WAITRESS] and we both were excited to work on a 12" like this together. seems like perfect music for the last few days of summer ..."

Shit & Shine: Very High EP

You Were Very High Shit & Shine
Figure This Shit Out Shit & Shine
Take You Some Time Shit & Shine

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