Silk Road Assassins

Reflection Spaces

Planet Mu ZIQ375
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Silk Road Assassins are Tom E. Vercetti, Lovedr0id and Chemist. The EP follows a narrative set in a retro-futuristic/dystopian city, with development into game music in mind; it's dance music that has been crafted with an ear for widescreen enveloping sonics.

It opens with the scene setting "Citadel VI" dropping into the atmospheric glide of "Shaded" with its camera sounds and energetic bass, kicks and claps.

The mood darkens with the punchy "Defect" as the track uncurls through a vortex of gated chords.

"Cryo Enemy" returns to a mournful trap with Gamelan and gongs splashing gently across rolling kicks and snares.

"Vectors" luxuriates in deep bass and trap snares as clouds of chords and arpeggios rise and fall.

"Akwraith" rolls out with a nervous mood followed by the ambience of "Hollow-Point" which finishes the EP where it started, warm and glowing.

Silk Road Assassins: Reflection Spaces

Citadel VI Silk Road Assasins
Shaded Silk Road Assasins
Defect Silk Road Assasins
Cryo Enemy Silk Road Assasins
Vectors Silk Road Assasins
Akwraith Silk Road Assasins
Hollow-Point Silk Road Assasins

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