Sir Stephen

House Of Regalia

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N’awlins dah’lin Sir Stephen knows why the Cajun bird sings. The time-trippin’, style-hoppin’ virtual reality fantasy zone that is House of Regalia delivers eight flava profiles to drop on yr tongue, from the Brand New Heavies-inspired “One x One” (featuring N’Dea-diva vocals by Fleur de Lis) to the Cooltempo / rare groove take on New Order of “Dance for Life,” to the Underworld-weary born-and-raised slippy ripper “Get Wet.”
House of Regalia is a lux-layer cake of sister-soul mantras (“I’ll be pushin’ on!”), acid jazz latte lounge breaks, jackin’-the-Black Box piano house holds, thrown shades, fashion plates and dizzy dancefloor dee-lites. This is music for dancers, pure ’n’ sample.

Sir Stephen: House Of Regalia

House Of Regalia Sir Stephen 6'27''
One X One (Feat. Fleur De Lis) Sir Stephen 5'11''
Flavored Beats Sir Stephen 7'34''
Dance For Life Sir Stephen 3'14''
Hypercolor Emulsion Sir Stephen 6'16''
Turbo Sir Stephen 5'15''
Get Wet Sir Stephen 5'17''
The Acid Factor Sir Stephen 4'51''

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