Snorri Helgason

I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door

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I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door is the solo debut album by leading Icelandic singer/songwriter Snorri Helgason. The album is a collection of soulful folk, energetic chorus-pop, somber ballads and glam-funk. These are mostly lovesongs and songs that deal with the insecurities and uncertainties that plague the life of the musician. These are confessional, sincere and well-crafted songs performed with the intensity and power they deserve.
Snorri Helgason has been a leading figure in the Icelandic indie-pop scene for years through his band Sprengju-höllin. Sprengjuhöllin released two critically and commercially acclaimed albums, topping many year-end lists, winning Snorri an Icelandic Music Award for Best Song in early 2008 and reaching platinum and gold status respectively.
When Sprengjuhöllin went on hiatus in early 2009 Snorri decided to record a solo album focusing on the folk and soul music influences at the center of his musical tastes. This solo album is of course I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door.

Snorri Helgason: I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door

Carol (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'53''
Freeze Out (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 2'42''
Don't Let Her (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 4'06''
Queen Street (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 4'02''
She's A Meadow (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'43''
I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'36''
The Silence Of The Night (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'35''
Misery (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 4'29''
"Goodlord" (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'36''
Gone (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 5'32''
When A Good Thing Dies (Album Version) Snorri Helgason 3'45''