Soft Kill

Seven Hundred / Current

Handmade Birds HB-049
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Portland, Oregon's premiere post punk/dark indie band Soft Kill, a fresh entity unique from frontman Tobias Grave's previous- and now legendary- band Blessure Grave (Alien8, Release The Bats), following up his impressive split releases with the likes of Lust For Youth, Cold Cave, Crocodiles, Bestial Mouths, and his debut effort as Soft Kill on Fast Weapons entitled "An Open Door", which catapulted the band onto Stereogum's 2011 "Dark Bands To Watch" list, comes this limited 7" with two new songs. One time pressing on gold and transparent red heavy vinyl, respectively, these songs feature a full lineup that includes Atriarch's Maximillion Avila, was record by Stan Wright of Arctic Flowers, and mastered by James Plotkin.

Edition of 500 on thick 70 gram vinyl, extra thick insert, limited one time pressing of 250 gold and 250 transparent red, archived in a heavy picture disc poly sleeve.

Soft Kill: Seven Hundred / Current

Seven Hundred Soft Kill 5'58''
Current Soft Kill 3'18''

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