Son Of

Social Zombies

Opal Tapes OPAL067
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Stunningly beautiful ambient techno, that hints a deep knowledge of more contemporary electronic productions (think Actress, think 1991, think Tallesen).

Son Of: Social Zombies

Interlude Son Of 2'39''
The Struggle Son Of 4'04''
Tube Gazing Son Of 3'21''
Hologram Living Son Of 3'05''
Emergent Behaviour Son Of 3'13''
Extrovert Them Son Of 3'56''
Generation Spam Son Of 3'11''
I'm Afraid Your Child Is (An Extrovert) Son Of 3'45''
Small World Son Of 4'14''
Conscentia Son Of 5'10''
Rise Again Son Of 4'45''

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